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Professional Growth : It is the important part of our life. For the good financial status, you should choose the better option in your career for your better future. So we provide the suggestion related to career & finance in the astrology predictions.

Financial Matters : As, we know that money is the basic and important need of life. Without it, no one can live or give a happy life then there is necessary to find the financial problem solution. But, now we are here to give a best financial problem solution.

Love & marriage : love & marriage is the unique gift of nature to us that is given by god. There you understand the feeling of love & romance beyond the physical passion. But sometime you don't get your real soul mate so we will help you in this case & provide the better astrology predictions for your love and marriage.

Yearly forecasting our astrologer also answering related to your yearly forecasting such as your health, career, financial growth, business opportunity, love, marriage, money, family relation & etc.

She predicts about various branches of Vedic astrology i.e. marriage, career, love, horary, horoscope matching, longevity, child birth, finance, education, progeny, Karma etc entirely based on accurate date time and place of birth and palmistry.

She believes that perfect horoscope matching of Bride & Bridegroom is most necessary as it removes disappointment after marriage. Babies born at same time across the world would differ a lot from each others as their horoscope would differ due to longitude and latitudes.

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